Fashion from the inside out

Published March 23, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

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I used to think that materialistic things were all that mattered when I was going through that tough stage of being an adolescent to being a woman.  Now that I am an adult I take time to look back and what I was wearing on the outside could not compare to the collossal individualsoul that I house inside.  So in reference to designers that think from the inside one sticks out in my mind,  none other than Isabel Toledo.  The mind behind our first lady Michelle Obama’s inaugaration dress.  Toledo states in her book, Roots of Style that “without fashion, I never would have had a voice.  Now with this book, I have examined the shape of my life from the inside as a way of connecting the dots between my childhood as a girl growiny up in Cuba and my life today as an independent fashion designer.” So you see fashion comes from the inside reflecting the diverse upbringings and the environment of the designer.  Style is something that was taught very young and cannot be relearned at later age.  Style is innate; either you have it or you don’t!


2 comments on “Fashion from the inside out

  • That’s a lovely quote – without fashion I did not have a voice… I think style is an innate thing, but you can in a sense choose whether to ‘do fashion’ or not. This was something Stefano Pilati said – we can live well, very well without fashion,but if you choose to do it, then good for you and what you project as a person.

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