Thrifting!!!!! #I’m a Fan!! plus my “Fashion Accessory” look of the Day

Published April 12, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

A penny saved is a penny earned.”-English proverb

Hey my Fashionistas,

Along with looking good you have to budget that wallet or shopping will not always be an enjoyable experience.  Thrifting is one of my all time favorites.   After I graduated high school I was a big FAN of the FANTASTIC THRIFT on Main St. LOL!!  I was so creative looking back then!! 

Here in Richmond, VA voters have put the following thrift stores as some of their favorites; Thrift for Life located at 1118 Westbriar Dr., Amvets at 5432 Midlothian Tnpk. and Fan Thrift at 1914 W. Main St.  I will be sliding through to see what I think is absolutely BEYOND!

Okay, my fashion accessory of the week is from this new designer I like called Zara,  If you like flowy clothes that still maintain straight lines you are going to like this line.  This white blazer with the yellow top is perfect for a sophisticated look and no-nonsense attitude.  You are bound to catch everyone’s eyes when the wonder, “Who’s that lady?”


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