The Boy Chanel Fall 2012

Published August 17, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory



Hey how is everybody’s summer going??  It’s been real for me over here.  I have been missing you all!!

“It was certainly a story of girl meets boy at Chanel.  This story is all about what would happen if Coco Chanel met James Dean…Coco always borrowed from the boys.  She took their jackets, and made them into uniforms for women. Karl Lagerfield.

Three words to describe this collection edge, edge and more edge!!  This line is grungy and it sends a clear message “Do not Mess with me,  I’m a bad Girl!!  See back in Chanels’ time there was a lot going on.  The war was going on and designers used their clothing to display messages and while doing that it created an image for their brand.

What Lagerfield is doing is just transforming what Chanel had layed the ground work for.  What I am trying to say is, fashion is a revolving circle.  You’ve heard of it; the fashion cycle.  So ladies go grab your leotards and fish net stockings and Let’s Rock out with our Cock Out!!

You have seen a lot of stars rock the quilted Chanel bag and I have been loving it since its graced the arms of some of our most well-known stars like the “Toya Wright” and several housewives for example the HOT Heather Dubrow.  The collection is not cheap but I have some good news; Karl Lagerfield is coming out with his own line. The t-shirts are going to be $65 and under I believe!  Can someone say yaaaaaaay!  I know some of you want some links; I will post some next time!!

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