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Look to Designer Tracy Reese and H&M for Easter Day outfit inspiration plus the Peplum is my Fashion Accessory of the day!

Published April 5, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

As this Easter day nears anxious ladies will try on dress after dress looking for just the right one.  Before you go out aimlessly looking have an inspirational design in mind.   Tracy Reese has dressed Michelle Obama and continues to be concerned about every dress and every stitch. 

I was glancing through her 2012 spring designs and they are beyond!! However her prices are not your average bargain…they can range anywhere from $300.00 on up to $400.00 or more.  Well, of course when I think of an alternative I would have to call on my trusty H&M.  I found a floral dress that is very girly and cute for Easter and it is only $34.95 and I also found a sky blue dress that is happy as Easter should be; prices at $59.95.  I also found some inspirational prints at Tracy Reese that absolutely BEYOND and I had to post them.  My accessory pick of the day is going to be a peplum dress and the red one was one of my favorite images that would depict the structure that kept my eye there.   The peplums are making a come back hard and I think the ladies are going to love them for the straight lines and flirty waist!!!!