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Blue is for Believe! Take a peak at this season’s sexiest blue shades!

Published April 19, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

“Your future is so bright that you gotta  wear shades….”-Eric Payne

The color blue symbolizes youth, spirituality, truth, peace and distance.  The color blue was also known to represent the Virgin Mary.  You give a person blue iris flowers (pictures to the right) when you want to let a person know that their friendship means the world to you.

I don’t consider myself a “shade person” per say,  however I know a good pair when I see them.  Here are a few of my favorite blue shades for this season.   Above are the Ray-Ban’s and way below are the Louis Vuitton Anemone’s. 


My last pick is the blue and white Prada Illusion frames which are BEYOND!! Until tomorrow, Be Blue, Be Bold, Be beautiful!!