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Prada and MIU MIU…sister companies that Rock!

Published November 14, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

Good afternoon accessionistas!!     

Women always try to tame themselves as they get older, but the ones who look best are often a bit wilder.”- Miuccia Prada 

     The story of the almost 100-year old luggage company is a family/love kind.  Miuccia’s father created this empire and he would not have agreed to Miuccia taking over the company but however, he wasnt left with much of a choice.  His son didn’t want the job!  After her father, Miuccia continued to build the Prada brand around quality leather goods.  Together with her love interest Patrizio Bertellis who had ingenious marketing ideas, Prada really started to grow at a high-speed.  MIU MIU was formed much later by the fashion duo.

     So my question is to the accessionistas, is high luxury fashion dead?  Should I not one day-dream of affording such a life?  Well up until here lately the Prada and MIU MIU stock was doing pretty good but now in the times that we live saving is EVERYTHING so I am all about creating these high fashion looks for less. How do you do that you say?  I am glad you asked; pick out a look and if you love it go create it piece by piece. 

     Some of my favorite places to shop are very affordable; they inlcude Target (need I say more), JCPenney (Ming by Mango line rocks), Express (business and social life clothing), Victoria Secrets (fierce tops and dresses).  So my accessionistas go out and get accessorized for less!!  Where are your favorite places to shop for less?  Let us know so we can check it out!!!!  Until next time accessionistas…SHOP ON AND MAY FIERCE STYLE BE WITH YOU!!!! 

(Prada shop in Milano)

(Prada shop in Milano) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Be You! Be Bright! Be Jeweled!!

Published September 8, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

     “Her godmother simply touched her with her wand, and, at the same moment, her clothes were turned into cloth of gold and silver, all decked with jewels.” -Charles Perrault

I was flipping through the new In Style magazine checking out the trends for the fall, and honestly I was tired of the same old- same old.  I was looking for some trends that really popped not anything classic but something fresh; something we needed!  So I turned passed Gucci, Chanel and Calvin Klein but when I ran into the be-jeweled trends that are hitting the streets Lanvin did it on them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lets take a look!

The most important thing about jewels is how to wear your hair!  The sleek look is what you have to wear according to In Style magazine.  Do not, I repeat; do not overdue the accessories.  Too many accessories with this dress would be overkill!  Lol!  So ladies season and holidays are upon us and these looks are easy to create at home so DIY or hit the stores!  Until next time XOXOXOXO!  Oh shop Lanvin at


The Boy Chanel Fall 2012

Published August 17, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory



Hey how is everybody’s summer going??  It’s been real for me over here.  I have been missing you all!!

“It was certainly a story of girl meets boy at Chanel.  This story is all about what would happen if Coco Chanel met James Dean…Coco always borrowed from the boys.  She took their jackets, and made them into uniforms for women. Karl Lagerfield.

Three words to describe this collection edge, edge and more edge!!  This line is grungy and it sends a clear message “Do not Mess with me,  I’m a bad Girl!!  See back in Chanels’ time there was a lot going on.  The war was going on and designers used their clothing to display messages and while doing that it created an image for their brand.

What Lagerfield is doing is just transforming what Chanel had layed the ground work for.  What I am trying to say is, fashion is a revolving circle.  You’ve heard of it; the fashion cycle.  So ladies go grab your leotards and fish net stockings and Let’s Rock out with our Cock Out!!

You have seen a lot of stars rock the quilted Chanel bag and I have been loving it since its graced the arms of some of our most well-known stars like the “Toya Wright” and several housewives for example the HOT Heather Dubrow.  The collection is not cheap but I have some good news; Karl Lagerfield is coming out with his own line. The t-shirts are going to be $65 and under I believe!  Can someone say yaaaaaaay!  I know some of you want some links; I will post some next time!!

Until next time shop on,





Dolce and Gabbana for The Friday

Published May 4, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory

It’s all a game with new rules every season.”-Stefanno Gabbana

Happy Friday, 

It’s an accessory type of Friday if you ask me; so I wanted to over-do it a little.  I was recently reading up on these two fashionable fellers Stefanno and Domenico in a Bazaar magazine and they have inspired me to write about their clothing line for spring/summer 2012.  So, Stefanno Gabbana and Domenico Dolce have been designing from Italy since 1982 where they met at a mutual fashion house. 

They started out with a leotard line and now it has spiralled into a monstrous fashion house that brought in over 600 million dollars in 2003 alone.  They state that the Italian feast encouraged this line with fruits and veggies appearing in a lot of the material.  This line is Everything (the website will take your breath away) so let’s see some of my faves… 


The Dolce & Gabbana shop in Via della Spiga, Milan

The Dolce & Gabbana shop in Via della Spiga, Milan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The one, Dolce&Gabbana

The one, Dolce&Gabbana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Deutsch: Logo


‪中文(香港)‬: 中環歷山大廈 Alexandra House YSL & 杜嘉班納

‪中文(香港)‬: 中環歷山大廈 Alexandra House YSL & 杜嘉班納 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10 Sexy Swimsuits for Spring Break Baby plus Bey and Riri are swimsuit ready

Published March 29, 2012 by Your Fashion Accessory


“There’s a side of my personality that goes against the East Coast educated person and wants to be a pin-up girl in garages across America…there’s a side that wants the pink Angora bikini. “-Mira Sorvino

It’s the beginning of spring, the weather is warming up and a strong need to get close to the beaches and spring break parties are going on as I write.  When I decide to get in a bikini this summer it will resemble one of these.  These are some of the swimsuits that caught my eye.  Edgy colors like platinum and wild designs like animal prints and sexy Gaga hair will make any vacation complete.  Good bye layered winter and  h.e.l.l.o. skimpy spring and summer we have something waiting for you.  So ladies grab your sexy swimsuit, flip-flops, Raybans and sunscreen and forget about all the stress of work and go on now and play.

Random swim suit fact: The most expensive swimsuit in the world is worth $30 million.  Designed by Susan Rosen and Steinmetz Diamonds, the bikini is made with more than 150 carats of D flawless diamonds which are all set in platinum. 

These celebs do it best in their bikinis, Riri, Bey and more show us how to hit the beach flawlessly.  How do you like the above swimsuits?  Do you think they would make you feel confident going on the beach with a lot of other HOT chicks?